Is Your Confidence Candy-Coated?

Generally speaking, we tend to think of the confidence journey as only positive, painted with Instagram-worthy quotes and images of us luxuriating on a beach being #unbothered. There is a superficial perception that confidence is something we can see, something that looks the way we see it portrayed on TV and social media. We see confidence looking like something that is “candy-coated” – lightweight, fleeting and and not really fruitful for our sustained growth. That’s a scam. Don’t fall for it.

The Latin meaning of confidence is fidere, to trust – and there are some levels of trust that can only be built in the ring, we’ll have to be willing to rumble for it. In this blog post I write about the butterfly having to break free from her chrysalis, the container that housed the old version of herself, in order to fly. She’s able to be confident in her wings because she fought to flex them, and sometimes the fights we come up against are our opportunities to learn how to trust ourselves.

I talk more about why candy-coated confidence is not the goal in an episode of the Confident Women Glow podcast, take a listen below:

You’re not investing the effort to peel back the layers of conditioning, patriarchy and assignments from other people for nothing. As you discover yourself and learn how to honor who you are you won’t be interested in simply looking like a confident woman. You’ll want to BE a confident woman.

The real prize is showing yourself that you can have full trust and reliability in yourself, your abilities and your strengths…that’s what confidence is. It’s the foundation upon which you build the life you desire to live and enjoy. It’s not candy-coated.

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