Butterfly Behavior: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Butterflies are known for their beauty and delicate nature, but there is more to her than meets the eye. If you are a woman on your personal growth journey there are lessons in butterfly behavior that can help you be more confident. Read on to find out what every woman needs to know.

After some time in its cocoon the caterpillar emerges in her new form, intentionally BREAKING FREE from the coffin that housed the old version of herself.

After being buried for a time, the new version is ready to come out!

  • Lesson: when it’s your time to emerge you might have to fight your way through the breakthrough, don’t quit.

After coming out of her cocoon the butterfly has to assemble her mouthparts so she can eat. Her new form requires her to feed herself differently, she can’t eat caterpillar food anymore. She realizes that she has been transformed so she has to consume different things as a result of her change.

  • Lesson: Going back to old “food” will leave you malnourished, your intake has to be elevated on your new level.

The butterfly’s new wings are EXTREMELY fragile, they must be prepared/trained for flight. If she tries to fly before her wings ready, she’ll fall to her death because her wings aren’t strong enough to sustain her new body. 

  • Lesson: Your time to fly is YOURS, don’t rush the process trying to keep up with the next butterfly. Take all the time you need to prepare yourself for flight.

The butterfly announces her presence with bold colors and patterns that also help her protect herself. Her vivid, striking appearance makes her look like toxic insects that are avoided by predators.

  • Lesson: The wrong folks will leave you alone if you show up 100% as YOU.

Adult butterflies live just a few weeks, with some of the smallest species living only a few days. During that short lifespan, the butterfly focuses all her energy on two tasks – eating and mating. 

  • Lesson: Your ego would have you believe that you have all the time in the world, so you procrastinate…stop fooling around with foolishness and get your life in order. Stop ignoring the discomfort you’re experiencing and get the support you need to create the life you desire.

Your life is NOT a dress rehearsal…recognize the butterfly behavior lessons that you need to apply to be more confident, more empowered and more of EVERYTHING that you were born to be. Get busy creating your Big, Beautiful life!

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