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What does evolution look like?

In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations. In the work I do to support women through their journeys of self-discovery and confidence, those changes can show up in a variety of ways. Evolution looks like change, and change looks different depending on the person going through it.

I’ve talked publicly about how different phases of my personal journey has impacted the way I show up to work through this brand, from getting my Confidence Coaching certification, closing our ecommerce shop and deleting the company website. Here we are again, at the place of another evolution that has prompted a more refined version of this brand and a new name: Confidence Coaching for Her.

You might be wondering why it’s that necessary to change the way we show up, and it’s all about living in integrity. It’s one thing to evolve internally and to know that you’ve changed on the inside. It’s a whole other thing to redesign your outside so that it matches your inside. 

You’ve heard the phrase, “When a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life”, right? Well, I believe that the cutting of the hair (in this example) is what it looks like to live in integrity. You can find a throwback DIY big chop video of mine here, I left it public just so you could watch it…

I believe that the way you present yourself matches the way you feel, feel and know about yourself internally, so when your mindset changes it’s natural for your outward presentation to change.

My mindset has definitely been changed, and I want to make things abundantly clear through this brand what I do, who we support and why it matters. We now show up online under the name Confidence Coaching for Her. When I first got the idea for The Confetti Collective back in 2013 I wanted to create a space that was welcoming to women from diverse backgrounds – as a black woman I wanted to make sure that women of all cultures recognized that the door wasn’t closed to them, because the conversations we had about empowering ourselves and Be Your Own Beautiful was universal.

I feel like we’re being more intentional now, continuing to honor the diverse journeys that we’ll all walk to becoming our confident selves, and that deserves to be acknowledged, honored and celebrated.

I recently did a Facebook Live broadcast to make the evolution official, check out the edited replay here:

Evolution is happening all around us all the time; don’t believe the lie that you’re supposed to stay the same. If you were looking for a sign that it’s time to evolve, be open to asking yourself if this is it.

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