The Confidence Perspective & 3 Lenses

The confident woman understands (and appreciates) the power of her perspective, and she ensures that she has the right lenses in order to examine her life.

As much as it matters that we recognize the need to take an honest look at our lives, it’s equally important that we use the right tools & resources to support us along the journey. If you have an intention to explore and grow in your life you need to have a 360-degree view, because you could be laser-focused in one area and be getting sabotaged in others.

Getting the proper perspective requires proper equipment – so when it comes to examining your life imagine that you have three “instruments” that are commonly used for inspecting things & seeing on different levels. Check out this video to find out what they are: 

TLDR; in order to cultivate your complete view of your life you need these 3 lenses in order to create the picture of your life that you desire. Asking yourself the applicable questions as you observe through these lenses will support and serve your evolution:

Telescope – see things at a distance; what is your future vision?

Wide-angle – witness everything around you in the present; are the people, places and things that surround you supporting your future vision?

Microscope – see things clearly up close; do your daily actions align with who you’re becoming?

Don’t leave your growth to chance, get your lenses in order. If you need more in-depth support, I created this training to help you.

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