Pattern Interrupter: Being the (First) One

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Being the first one to explore new ways of being to create new outcomes in your family and/or social circles is a courageous decision. This journey involves interrupting patterns, unlearning, acknowledging your strengths while acceping your shadows, and committing to honoring in your worthiness, especially when it’s hard.

You’ll be criticized, judged and some people will make up thier minds to misunderstand you.

On top of that, you may be doing it with little to no support…#BeenThere

When you’re the trailblazer, you’ll have to figure a lot of things out. Breaking long-held cycles, even when they’re hurtful/harmful, is hard. This is where being gentle with ourselves, paying attention to our self-talk, being clear about our vision and building community with understanding humans comes in.

I shared a message on Tiktok encouraging those of us who are the rebels with a confident cause to extend grace as they keep going:

We may encounter others who do not understand or support our vision as we journey toward our destination. But in those moments, we can choose to extend grace to ourselves and others, knowing that the path toward transformation is not always easy. We must remain steadfast in our pursuit, even when we encounter setbacks or naysayers.

You’re in a very tender space right now. Protect it. Honor it. Enjoy it.

Being a pattern interrupter isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. We get to show others what’s possible when they step into their brilliance and create their masterpiece life.

Somebody has to go first, why can’t it be you?

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