2022 Wrapped: Confident Women Glow

I remember the days when I was completely comfortable doing live videos on Facebook having the conversations that I believed the women in our community wanted and needed to have.

It was fun, enriching and the ladies loved it. They loved it so much that I would get comments from women telling me to start a podcast. I resisted doing this for a long time, and in March 2021 the first episode of the Confident Women Glow podcast aired!

New episodes of the Confident Women Glow podcast will resume in Jan 2023, but the party isn’t over because our Spotify Year in Review (AKA Wrapped) is here!

Once I started clicking through the slides I realized I wanted to share this with you….I was this 🤌🏾 close to an ugly cry.

Check it out here:

THANK YOU for being a listener, subscriber and sharer of the Confident Women Glow podcast. Your support and engagement allow me to continue creating conversations that inspire self-discovery, personal growth and activate confidence.

You can get caught up on past episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio!

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