What Does it Mean to Trust Yourself?

What does it mean to trust yourself?” A client asked me this question during their Confidence Coaching session and I realized I needed to share some of what I said on the blog.

I recently did a Confidence training for the Delegation at Woman Evolve where I shared that confidence is a mindset; a state of being, believing and doing that paves the way for our self-trust. 

It’s a foundational state of mind that says, “I can trust myself”.

IMO confidence isn’t a feeling, it doesn’t come and go like our emotions tend to do.

Confidence is a mindset; a way of being that carries us through our lives.

When I talked about this with SJR on the podcast I mentioned being grounded in something that is unmovable. Regardless of what’s happening around you, you know that you can trust yourself.

What you look like, what you’re wearing, where you come from, agreement from others or whether people understand or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you trust you.

So when my client asked the question I immediately thought about my decision to join the military – I’d felt “agitated” for a while and after trying to avoid my feelings with shopping, happy hour and spa visits, I finally admitted that I was unhappy with my life. I also had to admit that I was the only person who had the power to do anything about it.

In that moment I had to do a self-inventory and count up all the ways that I was already prepared to step into something new. Even though I didn’t know what to expect from Army life, I had receipts that told me I had what it takes to figure it out.

So I left the only home I’d ever known and said yes to adventure. I was scared to go, but I knew that I couldn’t stay…I’d accepted that my time there had expired and I wasn’t going to have the space find myself there. I didn’t fit anymore.

That’s what trusting myself looked like at the time, and my own confidence growth journey has presented me with more opportunities that I thought I could stand…😬

This was the topic for episode 301 on my podcast, Confident Women Glow. In the episode I shared a more recent experience where I found myself at the door of trusting myself in a new way.

I had to remember my name and step into a new version of myself…whew.

You can listen here:

How is life calling you to trust yourself more these days?

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