Confidence Requires Courage

personal growth & confidence

You cannot be confident without courage. Your confidence journey will call you to be, do and say things that you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll need courage to become. The world tends to think of confidence as a feeling of accomplishment, boost of self-esteem, or happiness, but being confident is to be consistently courageous when […]

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What Makes Up Total Confidence?

personal growth & confidence

What comes to mind when you think of confidence? What does it look like? Do you imagine a specific person? Confidence looks different on every person, and as women I believe that we’ve been sold a false narrative of what a confident woman is “supposed” to look like. In my experience as a Confidence Coach […]

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Setting the Stage for Discovering Your Identity as a Woman

personal growth & confidence

When you don’t know who you are, you risk being crushed by other’s people’s opinions and fantasies of/for you. Society does a really good job of telling women who they’re supposed to be, and the weight of those designations can be extremely harmful. The journey of self-discovery is unique for every woman, these tips will […]

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Six Practical Tips for an Instant Confidence Boost

personal growth & confidence, self-care & empowerment

Contrary to what social media shows, confidence is a struggle for everybody at some point. Even the most impactful leaders deal with periods where they question themselves and their ability to handle life’s challenges. Becoming your most confident self isn’t a “one and done” thing, it’s a process that has its ups and downs and […]

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