2023 Affirmed for Me: Lessons from a Year of Shenanigans

overcome challenges & self-doubt, personal growth & confidence

As the last few days of 2023 sped by, I (like many people) reflected on the lessons I’d learned over the previous 360-something days. 2023 was a year of continued transition for me, more profound self-discovery, and relearning to navigate change with grace.These lessons should be familiar to me since they align with my coaching […]

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Confidence Coaching for Her

personal growth & confidence

What does evolution look like? In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations. In the work I do to support women through their journeys of self-discovery and confidence, those changes can show up in a variety of ways. Evolution looks like change, and change looks different depending on […]

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I help world-changing women walk boldly in their power, and show up fully expressed in all areas of their lives.

Certified Confidence Coach, US Army Veteran, and Audacity Activator.

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