Three R’s of Self-Care

Contrary to popular belief (and social media posts), the term ‘self-care’ applies to more than bubble baths and spa visits. The mani-pedis and massages are often practiced as a form of self-care, but the underlying purpose is to be intentional with taking care of our mental, emotional and physical health.

Self-care is very important during times of crisis. Whether it’s a global pandemic, a job loss or some other type of traumatic event, we have the power to change how we process life’s calamities when our health is being taken care of. If the idea of prioritizing self-care during a global (or personal) crisis feels overwhelming to think about, make things easier on yourself by focusing on the three R’s: reset, recharge and rebound.

The first step is to recognize that in the midst of the crisis is an opportunity to reset. Life as you once knew it may be different and that will require you to make adjustments, but you’ll get through it. Particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world had to adapt to a new normal, and day by day we’ve figured things out. Instead of getting bogged down in what you’ve lost, be open to the possibilities to what will be gained. Lean into your reset.

Once you’ve accepted the things you can’t change, start changing the things you can. Recharge yourself and your life by being grateful for what you have in the present moment. Honor your healthy body and strong mind by choosing what you take in. Focus on wholesome, nutritious foods, exercise and balance your bad news intake. Your self-care may look like a social media detox and journaling to help you relieve stress, inspire creativity and keeping your thoughts organized so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Know this, your life will go on after the crisis, so be encouraged to take an active role in your rebound. Envision how you’ll bounce back in your new normal. How will you be in better shape physically, emotionally and mentally? If there has been an area of your life that you’ve wanted to explore, go after the adventure. What have you been telling yourself you don’t have time to do? Learn a new hobby or revisit a former favorite pastime, make your confident comeback!

Lastly, remember that you’re not alone. Reach out and connect with your circle of support when you need it. Do you need a dose of real talk with your BFF and a glass of your favorite beverage? Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you recognize that you need more professional support, consider coaching or counseling with a professional provider.

The word ‘crisis’ comes from the Latinized form of a Greek word that means ‘turning point’. When we encounter crises of any level, we can practice the type of self-care that allows us to turn the situation into a positive one.  Change of any type is difficult to process and accept, but when you experience crisis in your life, look for the lessons.

Taking responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health is a confidence-boosting skill that deserves to be practiced every day.


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