Sometimes the Healing Hurts Worse…Four Tips to Coach Yourself Through It

Have you ever opted out of the healing process because you knew it would hurt? Think about it, when you were a child and got a cut, the idea of pouring alcohol was NOT something we looked forward to. We knew that the alcohol would make the wound hurt worse, so we tried as hard as we could to skip it. Even if we know it’s for our own good, it’s hard to imagine the healing when the process hurts so much.

We overlook the fact that once we’ve been wounded we only have two choices: we can heal or we can get infected.  Part of the confidence journey is claiming your healing. This involves saying “Yes” to the evolution journey because you’re looking at your life right now all you can think is, “Not this”. I want you to heal and be whole, and I also want you to know that this process might hurt.

Coach Yourself Through Your Healing – Four Tips

Remember why your healing is important – Everything that you desire to create and enjoy in your future is going to require you to become the type of woman who lives that life. Your healing matters because your glow-up depends on you transitioning to the version of yourself who can thrive on that level.

Forgive Yourself for not knowing/doing better– The moment you decide to evolve, somebody who knew you when will come out of the back corners of your life to “remind” you of who you once were. Guess what? Who you were then has no bearing on your present or who you’re becoming. You know that your past has a place and you’re committed to leaving it where it belongs. The difference between you and those people is that you’re not that person anymore.

Accept that you are a work in progress – Growth is a journey, and you don’t need to have everything all figured out right now. You’re taking steps and moving in the right direction, that’s what matters.

Be open to receiving support – As you continue to grow and evolve, you’ll find that you need support to help you get to the place you desire in your life. Be encouraged to find the tools, resources and people that can link arms with you for the journey and hold you up along the way. 

What you may have done in the past is done. You can’t go back and change anything and it’s not in your best interest to beat yourself up for what you didn’t know back then. You have new tools now so you can create new ways of doing things. When the time comes for your healing, I hope these tips will be helpful.


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